IEN (Impact Evaluation Network)

The Impact Evaluation Network (IEN) at LACEA is an initiative that aims to advance the state of knowledge and expertise regarding impact evaluation of different policies.

Sixth Meeting

September 19 and 20, 2012

The sixth annual meeting was hosted by the Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts, USA. The program included a short training course and keynote address by Prof. Jeffrey Smith (UMich) on recent methodological developments in program evaluation, as well as a keynote address by Prof. Richard Murnane (Harvard University). Eight papers, selected on the basis of academic merit, were presented over the course of the meeting.

Useful info

Harvard Graduate School of Education 
Gutman Convention Center 
6 Appian Way in Harvard Square 
Cambridge, MA


The Inn at Harvard
Harvard Square Hotel

Keynote Speakers

Selected Papers

Sixth Meeting Organizing Committee

  • María Laura Alzua (CEDLAS-Universidad Nacional de La Plata)
  • Felipe Barrera-Osorio (Graduate School of Education - Harvard University)
  • Guillermo Cruces (CEDLAS-Universidad Nacional de La Plata)
  • Ana Santiago (Vice-Presidency of Sectors and Knowledge – Inter-American Development Bank)